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running triggers on client side

From: David A Uebele
Subject: running triggers on client side
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 13:30:23 -0700 (PDT)

A question.
Assuming a setup with NT clients and Solaris server for a CVS repository.

Now assume I want to run pre-commit trigger scripts on the client
side (polling users for additional information to be used as
part of an audit trail).

If I setup with psserver or similar setup, the trigger scripts run
on the server side.   In a pure Solaris or Pure NT environment,
I could do file sharing and allow the commit scripts to run on
client (not ideal, but doable, assuming you trust file sharing).

I suppose I could use Samba on the Solaris side and do the same, but
it makes really nervous.  Any other suggestions for how to run
client side trigger scripts?

Either that, or use a wrapper or figure some other way to poll the user prior
to commit and then pass this information as part of the commit process.

Dave Uebele        address@hidden        360-876-4587 

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