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Multiple commits on different branches (same file)

From: Prakash Ranade
Subject: Multiple commits on different branches (same file)
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 09:32:53 -0700

Hello CVS gurus,

I have a question with branches.

              /--------*--------- Branch 2.5
-----------------------*---------- Main
      \----------------*---------- Branch 2.2

I am currently working on Branch 2.2 's foo.c. The file's contents are
same as on Main and Branch 2.5, in other words foo.c is never got
changed since we branch out.

Now, My question is the changes which I made on foo.c needs to be
reflected on Main, and Branch 2.5's foo.c, without checkout - update -
commit cycle. Can I do multiple commits on different branches. 

Thanks in advance.


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