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modules with tag/branch ?

From: David Escala
Subject: modules with tag/branch ?
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 15:39:47 +0200


is there a way you can define a module (in the modules file) to always
use a certain tag or branch? for instance, in the module "test" defined

classes thirdpartysoft/classes
test projects/test &classes &htmlwidgets

I would like test to always contain the branch tagged "v_2_0" off
classes, but all other files must be the head revision. something like:

classes_2_0 -a -r v_2_0 thirdpartysoft/classes          # This doesn't
test projects/test &classes_2_0 &htmlwidgets

thanks in advance


PS. where can I find information on how people use cvs to solve SCM and
team work (CMM,TSP) issues?

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