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Re: Rename a file

From: David Fuller
Subject: Re: Rename a file
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 08:42:03 -0400

There are two ways to do this, both I believe are described in

1) copy webfile.htm to Webfile.htm on your local machine.  In CVS add
it, commit it, and remove the old file.  You lose version history but
maintain stability of any tags you may have had.

2) Physically in the repository change the name of webfile.htm,v to
Webfile.htm,v and notify your users.  If any of them use a MS Windows
client they may need to edit the CVS/Entries file for that folder to
remove the old file name because of MS not being case sensitive.

-- David F.

FORTINI Massimiliano wrote:
> Hi,
> my name is Massimiliano and I'm cvs-administrator into my company.
> I have a question. If I would rename a file under cvs control, i.e from
> webfile.htm to Webfile.htm, how could I do it?.
> Tahnkx in advance
> Massimiliano Fortini
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