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unrecognized auth response from CVS commands are:

From: Michael Wenig
Subject: unrecognized auth response from CVS commands are:
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 12:41:37 +0200

Hello all,

I did something bad:

I wanted to include some external CVS-Projects into my Repository. So I
zipped the external files and unzipped them to my repository-folder.
But the CVSROOT has also been overwritten.
Since that every request I do from Client to Server I get the response

"unrecognized auth response from CVS commands are:"
(without any more)

I tried to delete the CVSROOT and reinit the repository but that did not
solve the problem.

My Server is Suse-Linux 6.3 and Client is WindowsNT using WinCVS 1.2.

Please help me - I have to do a lot of work and cant access my
repository any way.

Sincerely Michael Wenig

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