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Re: Merging from one branch to another

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Merging from one branch to another
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 03:08:16 -0400

Actually, without looking at your example, that's probably the result of a
bug.  CVS _does_ directly diff the three versions but it was using the
wrong version ass the ancestor in addition to some toher problems for
awhile.  That's been fixed in the dev version, and it's about time for a
new interim release, but I haven't been able to get time to fix the bug
I want fixed before that happens.


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I will not celebrate meaningless milestones.
I will not celebrate meaningless milestones...

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David Fuller wrote:

> Remember, when merging branches like this CVS has to work its way
> (through the diffs) back to the branch point, and then up the new
> branch.  Even though the files look the same, CVS keeps no information
> stating that the versions can be directly diff'd.  You will often get
> these pseudo-conflicts as a result of this process.  Sometimes I find it
> simpler to do the branch merges myself (external program).
> -- David F.
> Chris Sherman wrote:
> >
> > Isn't that just completely weird???  What went wrong?  Lines 4-8
> > (in the last section) aren't even marked in the conflict, even
> > though they went away.  And since there were never any commits
> > to this file in Branch 1, where did the conflict come from in the
> > first place???  I'm so confused...

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