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Re: Correct way to add a new file with an "old" filename in CVS ??

From: Peter Ajamian
Subject: Re: Correct way to add a new file with an "old" filename in CVS ??
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 17:07:15 -0700

Peter Biechele wrote:
> Sometimes I experience the following problem:
> I have deleted a file from CVS by using  "rm file" and " cvs rm file".
> This file is in the attic now.  (Lets call it "file")
> Then I want to add a new file with the SAME NAME:
> "cp Somewhere/file file"
> "cvs add file"
> "cvs ci file"
> But this does not work, because there has been an old file under the same
> name already. The solution for me was to delte the old "file,v" file in the
> REPO to get it work. But actually I wanted to keep the history of the old
> file, too !!
> Of course I could do a "cvs add file" and "cvs ci file" before doing the copy
> ("cp Somewhere/file file"), and then "ci" the new "version". BUT for this I
> must know, that there is an old file available. If I forget that there is an
> old version, and I have already added the new file under the same name, I
> copuld not resolv the CVS errors until  I delte the ",v" file in the REPO.
> What is the "correct" way to handle these kind of situations ???

Well, I'm pretty new to CVS myself, but I wonder why you don't just
replace the old file with the new in your working directory and commit?

Regards, Peter

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