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extracting log information for branch changes?

From: Teala Spitzbarth
Subject: extracting log information for branch changes?
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 16:31:59 -0700

Hi folks,

Is there a straightforward way with 'cvs log' to select
only changes that have been made on a branch?
I mean where 'selected revisions' would only be greater
than 0 if the file in question actually has a branch'd revision (eg

I have tried using all the various permutations of 
cvs log -rbranch  
cvs log -rbranch.
cvs log -rTAG1:TAG2 (where TAG1 is the TAG at the head of the branch and

        TAG2 is a later tag for a build of interest)
cvs log -rTAG1:TAG2 (where TAG1 is a tag on the branch, after the
beginning of the branch
        and TAG2 is a later tag on the same branch)
cvs log -rbranch -d date1<date2

and all of these result in log output where all files in our tree are 
'selected revisions'.  Am I missing something, or does log output
always land up selecting all revisions of files that are on the 
branch period?

Also presence of CVS revision ids of the form x.x.0.x next to a Branch
in the log output makes it seem at first glance that more files were
on the branch than really were.... 

Thanks much
Teala Spitzbarth

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