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Re: a question about wincvs

From: Peter Ajamian
Subject: Re: a question about wincvs
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 11:25:38 -0700

> Wang Liheng wrote:
> Dear sir or Madam,
> I am an administrator of CVS .We use WINCVS1.2 for client and Rad Hat
> Linux6.2 for server, and setup the server for connection with pserver
> and password authentication.
> In our company, i need to creat checkout-only users who can only
> checkout and update modules(or files) but can not import modules and
> commit the modification. Is it possible? If it is possible, how to do?

Check out the cvspwd utility at .  I think
you'll find it does a rather nice job for what you want.

Regards, Peter

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