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$Name $ in branches

From: David D. Hagood
Subject: $Name $ in branches
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 16:12:25 -0500
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I disagree with Mr. Woods on this: adding the branch ID to a build makes sense in my environment: I have several developers, each working on their own branch of an embedded system. As needed, the load their code into target systems for development. Since the number of developers is larger than the number of target systems available to do development on, there needs to be some reuse of the systems. Being able to quickly identify that "Oh, this unit has Bruce's build, therefor I should contact him about this" would save a great deal of time.

Also, this would allow the software to automatically maintain unique setups across different development branches. Sometimes I want MY setups to be different from Bruce's, or I need to unit to access MY section of the server, rather than Bruce's. Again, if I can generate this automatically it saves an error prone step.

Additionally, I have to deal with marketing types who frequently come into the lab and stea..., er, borrow units to take to customers. Sometimes those units aren't as controlled as they should be. If the software can get the branch ID, it can correctly ID that is ISN'T a released version, and jump up and down and scream about it. This is the best solution I can come up with that management will allow (bludgeoning the individuals in question is not considered viable).

Actually, what I'd really rather see would be a $Branch$ or something that would allow me to contain that information.

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