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RE: checkout with -D resurrects deleted files

From: Bruce Tiffany
Subject: RE: checkout with -D resurrects deleted files
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 15:11:46 -0500


I believe I've found the source of my confusion.  When a file is deleted in
CVS, then revised by another user, cvs checkout will not produce the file,
however cvs checkout -D <now> will.  I'm uncertain if that's a bug or a
feature, use of checkout -D ... seems to be the safer way to go.

Here is the scenario -

Time   User 1                        User 2
----   --------------------          ------------------------------

  |    cvs checkout proj1            cvs checkout proj1
 |    rm foo
 |    cvs -remove foo
\|/   cvs commit
                                    edit foo
                                    cvs update
                                    cvs commit

       rm -rf *                      rm -rf *
      cvs checkout proj1            cvs checkout proj1
      (will not get foo)            (will not get foo, where is my change?)

       rm -rf *                      rm -rf *
      cvs checkout -D <now> proj1   cvs checkout -D <now> proj1
       (will get foo)                (will get foo)



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