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Re: WinCVS and MacCVS Logins

From: David Fuller
Subject: Re: WinCVS and MacCVS Logins
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 10:04:33 -0400

Using TCP compression is a fine art.  Finding the right setting based on
network traffic can take quite sometime.  Try other settings, including
turning it off.  The time cost in compressing the traffic may out-weigh
the time savings in network traffic. 

Also, once you are logged in you stay logged in until you specifically
say logout.  CVS keeps a '.cvspass' file on the local machine which
keeps all your login info.  Logging in a second time will just check
against this file.  If your info matches it won't go out to the server

-- David F.

Brad Pfautsch wrote:
> Yes, using TCP compression, set to 5.  No load on the server, haven't put it 
> into production use yet and connection is over LAN at 100 Mbits.  It is 
> really strange.  It seems to be erratic.  For instance, this morning I logged 
> in and it took a minute and a half.  I restarted the Linux server and login 
> was instantaneous.  I moved to another machine with same version of WinCVS 
> (version 1.2).  Login took almost 2 minutes, restarted that machine, login 
> took 10 seconds.  Usually when logins take longer, so do other commands.  
> Sometimes logins and other commands are faster after the first slow login.
> CVS version: 1.10.7-7
> Linux: Debian 2.2 r2
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> From: David Fuller [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2001 8:31 AM
> To: Brad Pfautsch
> Cc: address@hidden
> Subject: Re: WinCVS and MacCVS Logins
> My first two ideas:
> 1) slow connection/heavy load server?
> 2) Are you using TCP compression?
> -- David F.
> Brad Pfautsch wrote:
> >
> > Logins take upwards of two minutes to receive the "*****CVS exited normally 
> > with code 0*****" message.  Any idea's why/how to fix?
> >
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