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stripped-down CVS for easy `Live Update'

From: Avery Andrews
Subject: stripped-down CVS for easy `Live Update'
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 101 10:51:30 +1000 (EST)

Has anyone created, or thought of creating, a severely stripped down
version of CVS that would only do anonymous pserver checkouts, to serve
as a 'live updating' facility for programs with significant numbers of
frequently update text format support files?

I find I can do something like this with regular CVS, but it would be
better to have a special version because of:

 *smaller size
 *no messing around with login/password stuff
 *a facility to remap some folder names between the server and the
    working folder would also be useful.
(on the server for the project that this is for, the module is
runtime/addons, whereas the updated programs would actually want to go
to the folder <app folder>/addons

  - Avery Andrews

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