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not-ignoring .exe files

From: Michael Hannemann
Subject: not-ignoring .exe files
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 16:38:18 -0700

I'm trying to stop CVS from ignoring .exe/.EXE files by default on import. I know I could include this on the command line whenver I import, which shouldn't be too often, but I also know that I'll simply fail to remember this when the time comes.

So I took what I understood to be the list of things CVS ignores by default and put that in a new cvsignore file in the CVSROOT, checking it in and watching it update the administrative databases. At the very beginning of the file, I placed a !, hoping this would cause it to ignore all defaults.

But, the .exe files are still being ignored.  What should I do differently?

Michael Hannemann

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