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Re: Can the -D option be used on a branch?

From: David L. Martin
Subject: Re: Can the -D option be used on a branch?
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 00:56:26 -0500

> David L. Martin writes:
> > 
> > I'd like to be able to checkout from a branch but take revisions that
> > are older than a specified date.  Since the -D and -r are both
> > sticky, they apparently cannot be used in combination.  Does
> > anyone know of a workaround or combination of commands to
> > do this?
> Actually, they can be used in combination.
> -Larry Jones

Ah yes, so they can!  The tag is sticky, not the date, in the resulting
checkout, but the date option is honored as expected.  The command
usage for checkout and update (cvs --help co, cvs --help up) should
perhaps be changed from [-r rev | -D date] to [-r rev] [-D date] to indicate
that both options may be used in combination.

In contrast, I note that rtag and tag operations do not accept the
combination of -r and -D options.  They are mutually exclusive, and
the help for rtag and tag indicates this ([-r rev | -D date]).  It would be
nice for tag/rtag to accept both options as well.  (But one could always
tag following checkout with both options and achieve essentially the
same result).

David Martin

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