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Re: speaking of /tmp....

From: Dennis Jones
Subject: Re: speaking of /tmp....
Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 21:51:01 -0700

Thanks Larry.

The process was no longer running, but I don't remember anything wierd
happening at the time the files were created, so I'm not sure why the
directory was left hanging around.

I deleted the directory and everything seems fine.

- Dennis

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From: "Larry Jones" <address@hidden>
To: "Dennis Jones" <address@hidden>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 9:04 PM
Subject: Re: speaking of /tmp....

> Dennis Jones writes:
> >
> > In my /tmp directory (Linux), there is a /cvs-serv4584 directory with
> > various other directories that appear to at least partly duplicate
> > of one of the subdirectories in my repository.  The files in there now
> > about 5 days old, and take up about 11Mb.  How are these
> > used by CVS?  Shouldn't they have been deleted by CVS a long time ago?
> > can I know if it is safe to delete them?
> In client/server CVS, the server creates a mirror of the (relevant parts
> of the) client's working directory -- that's what you're looking at.  In
> particular, the CVS server with a pid of 4584 is who created that
> directory and it should have deleted it when it was finished.  If that
> server process is no longer running, then it's safe to delete the
> directory; the server either crashed or encountered a serious error and
> didn't delete it's working directory in order to aid in troubleshooting
> the problem.  If that server process is still running, then that's a
> problem in and of itself.
> -Larry Jones
> Something COULD happen today.  And if anything DOES,
> by golly, I'm going to be ready for it! -- Calvin

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