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watching a file

From: Annette Waters
Subject: watching a file
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 14:52:26 -0700

I have been trying to set a watch on a certain file:
I ran
cvs watch add -a commit filename

I modified the notify file:

ALL mail username -s "CVS notification"
***********************CVSMANUAL insert********************
but to make this easy, CVS allows you to associate a notification address
each user. To do so create a file `users' in `CVSROOT' with a line for each
user in the format user:value. Then instead of passing the
name of the user to be notified to `notify', CVS will pass the value
(normally an email address on some other machine). 
created user file in CVSROOT


I then logged in as different user and modified and committed the file but
have received no mail notification.

What did I not do correctly?


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