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passwd authentication problem with new repository

From: Saima Iqbal
Subject: passwd authentication problem with new repository
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2001 12:09:59 -0400

Hello folks,

I just created a new repository on a unix server.    People can check code in
and out on a unix client just fine.  However, if they try to login using WinCVS,
their passwd authentication fails.  I tried using the
":pserver:(username)@(machine-name):/(respository) login" command on a unix
machine, and my password authentication fails also.  Actually, the admin can't
login using the above command either.  Any idea why the password authentication
is failing for a new repository?  Am I supposed to set up a file for passwords
(I did set one up in the CVSROOT directory, but that doesn't make a difference),
or touch another file for access?


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