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RE: cvswrappers - any better suggestions ?

From: Peter Ring
Subject: RE: cvswrappers - any better suggestions ?
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 08:51:31 +0200

Quite often these days, CVS is not something that you choose -- you get
chosen by CVS, much as you get chosen by Microsoft operating systems and
development tools, simply because it's ubiquitous. Like it or not, there's
not much respect for original design goals in the ways of the world.

I suppose that 'full RCS compatibility' is not a goal by itself -- if you
might as well use RCS, then why use CVS?

I'd like to bring attention to one particular offspring of cvs: subversion.
Have a look at The project is near it's
second major milestone, and plan to have an alpha release mid May and a 1.0
release late June.

BTW, here's another way to use currently available features (aka
cvswrappers) to avoid the poor loosers munging their binary files: Rather
that listing patterns for known 'binary' files, you list patterns for known
'text' files, but default to binary, like this:

 # text formats

 #default is binary
 * -k 'b'

Remember that cvswrappers doesn't work if you connect to the repository
using a remote protocol (e.g. pserver); you must put a copy of the
'cvswrappers' file named '.cvswrappers' into each users home directory.

Kind regards
Peter Ring

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Subject: RE: cvswrappers - any better suggestions ?

[ On Friday, March 30, 2001 at 07:07:14 (-0800), Gianni Mariani wrote: ]
> Subject: RE: cvswrappers - any better suggestions ?
> Your point is well taken.  However, time are a changing - source code is
> only text. Image, sound, movie, geometry, encryption key, etc etc files
> all parts of modern day applications.  All these files need to be version
> managed just like regular files.  If we could apply an rcsmerge on these
> kinds of files, then it would be ideal.

Yes, what you say is all very well and fine.  What it means though is
that CVS is not the correct tool for use in such a diverse environment.

Obviously my point did not sink in properly though so I will say it more
clearly:  PLEASE go use something else!!!!


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