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Re: [Fwd: ignoring ID]

From: Trott, David
Subject: Re: [Fwd: ignoring ID]
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 19:41:55 -0800

For various reasons (such as external vendors only releasing binaries) we use CVS to control .class files, other people may wish to store other binary files in CVS.

It may cause a problem for some people if these binary files were added to the ignore list.


"Larry Jones" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> Derek R. Price writes:
> >
> > Is there a policy on adding file names to the default ignore list?
> Not really, and it does seem to be a bit dated.  In addition to ID as
> suggested by Assar Westerlund, Pavel Roskin submitted a patch on 30 Jan
> 2001 that proposed adding:
>       .deps                Automake
>       .depend              Linux, MC and possibly others
>       .libs                Libtool
>       *.gz                 Gzip
>       *.bz2                Bzip2
>       *.flags              Linux
>       *.la                 Libtool
>       *.lo                 Libtool
> and I'd also suggest adding:
>       *.lib                DOS/Windows library
>       *.dll                DOS/Windows dynamic load library
>       *.sl                 HP-UX sharable library
>       *.class              Java binary
>       *.backup             Misc backup file
>       *.dvi                TeX output
>       *.info*              GNU info file
> Perhaps a discussion on info-cvs is in order to see what people think
> about these or other additions?
> -Larry Jones

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