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How to get "edit -c" working

From: Chris Chambers
Subject: How to get "edit -c" working
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 09:30:31 -0800

Some things can't be easily versioned under CVS. For example, PL/SQL or
other code that lives in the database. Since it's a shared resource, we need
to do exclusive locking to version it.

My first thought was to use "cvs admin -l". That looked like it would work
well enough for our database team. But OMIGOD, there's a heinous bug... if
you lock the first revision of a file, it locks it twice (once for version
1.1, once for, and it's a pain to unlock.

So the recommend workaround is to use Noel Yap's "cvs edit -c" patch (hi
Noel!) against CVS 1.10.8.

I took a look on Sourceforge and there are just zillions of patches to
download. Which ones are the ones I need?

Also, and very importantly, is this a server-only patch, or will I have to
patch all the clients as well?

thanks *so much*,
Chris Chambers

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