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Re: moving repo

From: Francis Irving
Subject: Re: moving repo
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 12:13:04 +0000

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001 01:33:20 -0800, Rob Helmer <address@hidden>

>I'm probably going to move a CVS repo from an old Solaris box
>to a new Debian box. I was thinking about creating a new repo
>on the Debian box and manually merging in the old configuration
>files ( if neccessary ) and moving a tarball of the RCS files.
>Is there anything I should look out for when moving a repository
>in this way? I was going to tell developers to just create a backup
>of their old workspace ( tarball or something ) and check out the
>new one, so everybody's sync'd.
>Any anecdotes would be greatly appreciated :)

I've moved repositories between servers, and recovered them from
backup, without any problems.  The only thing was to change
permissions on the repository files to be correct (just a "chgrp -R").

This is the kind of thing that CVS is really good at (compared to,
say, Visual SourceSafe) - it just works.


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