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Q: Export/Import for multiple platforms

From: Matthew Pressly
Subject: Q: Export/Import for multiple platforms
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 10:53:47 -0600

Is using export and import a reliable way to maintain files across two platforms
that have no physical network connection (only means of data transfer is via
removeable media) and are at different geographic sites,
and to allow development on both platforms?  I am currently
just copying the repository back and forth between the machines, but it is easy
to loose track of which machine has the most up-to-date repository and
overwrite the wrong one, so I'm looking for a better way.
What I'm envisioning is this:
- Machine A has the repository, and most development is done on Machine A.
- Machine B for production and some development.
- Normal development on A and porting to B would be done by:
  - cvs export on A
  - copy exported directory tree to removeable media
  - copy directory tree from removeable media to B.
- Any development on B would be brought back to A by:
  - copy edited directory tree from B to removeable media
  - copy directory tree from removeable media to A
  - cvs import directory tree.
Will this approach work?
I'm having some difficulty understanding exactly how import works.  When I import
into A, will I always have to do a merge to get any changes onto the main branch?
Are there any gotchas with this approach that I'm not seeing?
Matthew Pressly

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