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Re: problem with "co -d xx -n" : bug or feature?

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: problem with "co -d xx -n" : bug or feature?
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 10:50:41 -0500

Larry checked in a more correct fix for this on the 21st:

2001-02-21  Larry Jones  <address@hidden>

        * modules.c, cvs.h (do_module): Add build_dirs argument and use it
        instead of run_module_prog.  Change all callers.
        * tag.c (cvstag): For rtag, don't build directories.
        * (modules3): Update to match.

Chris Cameron wrote:

> If anyone is still interested, I located the information in our CVS source.
>  This diff is against 1.10, but it is only a couple of lines to change.  It
> is a patch to allow & and -d to be used in one line in the modules file
> (like Cederqvist says you can!).  We downloaded the original patch from the
> CVS web page


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