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Re: Bulk-Add

From: Jeremy A. Mates
Subject: Re: Bulk-Add
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 16:07:15 -0800 (PST)

On 26 Feb 2001, Laine Stump wrote:
> It seems like shell scripts are becoming a lost art...

Here's my rendition:

cvs up | perl -nle 'print if s/^\? //' | xargs cvs add

Though xargs has trouble if you have files with wierd characters in
their names, e.g. space.

> You may need to do this a few times (once for each level of new
> directory created), because I haven't made it recursive.

A recursive bulk cvs add is more work, as cvs update will only show that
a new directory needs to be added before showing new files under that
particular directory.

Probably easier just to run the update script a bunch of times, or start
off with a 'find -type d | xargs cvs add' to get all the dirs in first,
then the other command.

Jeremy Mates                              

    "You cannot control, only catch."
          -- Tsung Tsai

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