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Problem merging a branch

From: Dennis Jones
Subject: Problem merging a branch
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 16:11:41 -0800

I am trying to merge changes made on a branch (identified by 'branch-tag')
into the main trunk:

cvs up -j branch-tag

but I get the following error:

cvs server: Updating .
RCS file: /vol/cvs/Projects/About/About.cpp,v
retrieving revision 1.4
retrieving revision
Merging differences between 1.4 and into About.cpp
cvs server: About.cpp: No such file or directory

CVS says the file does not exist, but it does exist in both the main trunk
and the branch.  I think I might have broken something in the repository
when I thought CVS was creating files in the Attic by mistake (which I later
found out was normal CVS behavior for new files created in a branch that
aren't on the main trunk).  I moved the files from the Attic to the Attic's
parent directory, but then when I found out the Attic files were only
temporary, I put them back.

Anyway, in this particular case, the file in question was not a new file on
the branch, but was simply a file that had been modified since it was
branched from the main trunk.  So, any idea what causes this error and what
I can do to correct it without having to merge all the my files by hand?


- Dennis

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