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cvs init/dir & file owner problems

From: Ezequiel Valenzuela
Subject: cvs init/dir & file owner problems
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 02:57:44 -0300


I am trying to set up a CVS repository in my Linux machine (I have cvs 1.10.8 

The thing is, the repository has root:cvsuser (a local group that, of course, 
has all developers allowed to use the repository) permisions: 0770. When 
running the 'cvs init' command (as root), all the files, including its 
directory, are created root:root 0770 (I am using CVSUMASK=0007).

When I tried to add a directory as a user, the direcory is created 
username:users (a default group for other purposes). This, of course, is not 
what I expected. The documentation says something about directory permissions 
to be the same as its parent's when created. This is not what is happening now.

How can I do to achieve my goal?: to have the same owner (root:cvsuser, or 
maybe username:cvsuser, but not username:some_other_group) as $CVSROOT 
directory and (this is working now) have 0770 permission by default.

Thank you very much in advance.

   Ezequiel Valenzuela
   [ address@hidden ]

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