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Re: Adding new files to branch puts them in the Attic?

From: Dennis Jones
Subject: Re: Adding new files to branch puts them in the Attic?
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 12:24:03 -0800

Thanks for all the answers on this subject, folks.  I get it.

- Dennis

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From: "David L. Martin" <address@hidden>
To: "Dennis Jones" <address@hidden>; "Laine Stump"
Cc: "CVS Mailing List" <address@hidden>
Sent: Saturday, February 24, 2001 11:07 AM
Subject: Re: Adding new files to branch puts them in the Attic?

> From: "Laine Stump" <address@hidden>
> > Files go into the Attic when they don't exist on the trunk. If a file
> > is added on a branch, it doesn't exist on the trunk, so the ,v file
> > goes in the Attic. When you want to merge your work into the trunk,
> > you'll need to add those new files on the trunk, after which the ,v
> > file will be moved out of the Attic.
> >
> Actually, the merge from branch to trunk will automatically add the
> file to the trunk.  It isn't necessary to manually add the file to the
> trunk.  The merge will automatically add the file locally.  Upon trunk
> commit, the archive will be moved from the Attic to the non-Attic
> repository directory.
> Beware that if you do manually add a file to the branch and separately
> manually add the same file to the trunk, the branch to trunk merge will
> result in a conflict.  CVS is confused at this point - it knows that a
file was
> added on the branch and it wants to add the file on the trunk, but it
> exists.  If the branch is to be merged to the trunk at a future date, it's
> better to add and remove files from the branch only, and let the merge
> automatically add or remove these files on the trunk.
> To clarify, here's an example.  First, add afile.txt from a branch
> cvs add: scheduling file `afile.txt' for addition on branch `TEST_BRANCH'
> cvs add: use 'cvs commit' to add this file permanently
> Now, commit it.
> cvs commit -m "test log" afile.txt (in directory
> RCS file: C:\My Documents\My
> done
> Checking in afile.txt;
> C:\My Documents\My Programs\cvs_archives/Homepage/test/Attic/afile.txt,v
<--  afile.txt
> new revision:; previous revision: 1.1
> done
> Note that the archive is created in the Attic.  Also note that two
> are actually checked in.  Revision 1.1 is required as the starting
revision of any CVS
> archive, but its state is created as "dead", so it really isn't part of
the a trunk project (it's
> as though it were removed from the trunk).  Revision is the real
revision on the
> branch.  This is basically a 2-for-1 commit where you get two revisions in
the archive when
> you commit a newly-added file from a  branch.
> Now, let's switch to a trunk checkout of the same project and merge the
branch to the
> trunk.  (If you a merging multiple times from the branch, you will want to
using two -j
> options, the first specifying the version of the branch last merged to the
> cvs update -P -jTEST_BRANCH (in directory c:\CVSWORK\Homepage\test\)
> cvs update: Updating .
> U afile.txt
> cvs status -v afile.txt (in directory c:\CVSWORK\Homepage\test\)
> ===================================================================
> File: afile.txt         Status: Locally Added
>    Working revision: New file!
>    Repository revision: 1.1 C:\My Documents\My
>    Sticky Tag:  (none)
>    Sticky Date:  (none)
>    Sticky Options: (none)
>    Existing Tags:
>  TEST_BRANCH               (branch: 1.1.2)
> Note afile.txt has been automatically added as a result of the merge.
> Upon commit, a new (non-dead) trunk revision (1.2) is created, and the
> is moved out of the Attic:
> cvs commit -m "on trunk" afile.txt (in directory
> Checking in afile.txt;
> C:\My Documents\My Programs\cvs_archives/Homepage/test/afile.txt,v  <--
> new revision: 1.2; previous revision: 1.1
> done
> We rely on this feature to handle the automatic addition and removal of
> files across merges, and CVS performs the task quite well.  Other tools
> require manual tracking of the addition and removal of files across branch
> merges, which can be a real pain.  The way CVS handles this is a real time
> saver...
> David Martin
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