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Re: Help cant recover old files

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Help cant recover old files
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 07:39:02 -0500

Chris Shepherd wrote:

> I have been working on online housing for the campus I work at. I just
> incorporated php sessions. I have a couple of directories one of which
> is an administrative directory for all web admin interfaces. Anyways
> after I made all of my changes I updated. Everything went fine. I then
> was converting old echos to prints I then updated again using cvs
> update -R -m"changed echos to prints" when I got the recent version
> back I noticed I had errors up the a**. From what I can tell all of my
> cvs changes have been placed

Updates merge changes from other workspaces automatically.  If the same
area of a file has changed in another commit, then you will get
"conflict markers" as you are showoing.  It looks like you perhaps
commited the changes from one workspace then updated in a workspace that
already contained the changes?

You might try reading the section of the CVS manual on updates and the
following section on conflicts: .

Incidentally, update doesn't accept a '-m' option.


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