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Re: Setting UP CVS

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Setting UP CVS
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 07:25:53 -0500

Matt Smith wrote:

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> >    1. cvsadmin    as a user or group?
> There is no 'cvsadmin' account.  However, you should set up a cvs group, and
> add all the accounts that will use cvs to this group.

Actually, CVS does respect a cvsadmin group.  If it exists it restricts access
to the 'cvs admin' command to users tof that group.  What you said about the
cvs group is a decent recommendation though.

> >    2. I've setup up /usr/local/cvsroot filesystem. Who should
> >       own this filesystem. I've temporarily set it to dev as the
> >       group. But root owns the filesystem.
> You just have to make sure that the cvs group or user has read and write
> permission in the repository (but maybe not under CVSROOT).

Well, they only need write permissions to directories they need write access to
if you enable a LockDir directory they have write access to.  And if the
CVSROOT/history file exists I think they need write access to that too, but not
to the CVSROOT directory itself.


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