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Re: Does CVS has a doc convert capabilities?

From: Eric Sommerlade
Subject: Re: Does CVS has a doc convert capabilities?
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 17:25:57 -0100

Hi Andy,

as far as I understood, you wonder how to convert zillions of different
file formats used
by the people into common file formats that can be viewed on every

Actually, cvs cannot convert into different file formats, but you can
scripts that do it for you in the CVSROOT/loginfo file (see info
cvs/Administrative files):

On every checkin/commit, checkout the files to a separate directory and
run some converters,
depending on the original file format (e.g. doc->pdf). The directory
where these files are kept should
be readable by all users, resp. your specification people.

Pls don't ask me for specific converters, I use only xml->html
conversion, and the html files can then
be browsed in the intranet.

Hope that helps,


address@hidden wrote:
> Any one know about documentation management using CVS Unix ver or
> WinCVS?
> I am trying to put all requirement and mrd and any specification that
> developed in diffrent format like word doc, Excell, Powerpoint, pdf,
> HTML, .....
> CVS only handles binery files and we have a problem because developer
> used all BSDI and other people use win NT...  When some tryoes to
> access word or win application doc does not view in bsdi operation
> system. Only common file format is pdf and html....but you guys know
> that in real life people used all diffrent kind of tool to develope
> documents and I am trying to find a auto vievew that handles multiple
> file extention convertor to .pdf or .htm...
> Any way...I can go on and on but if you know the solution please
> reply to address@hidden  Apriciated.
> Have a good time
> Thanks.
> Andy
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