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Re: Removing directories...

From: Francis Irving
Subject: Re: Removing directories...
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 11:20:03 +0000

Two solutions:

1. Make everyone uses "cvs update -d -P" all the time. (Either via a
GUI tool, by getting into the habit of it, or by changing your
configuration files so it does it).

2. Delete the actual folders in the repository itself.  Of course,
this loses backup of the deleted files in the folders, but this may
not matter to you.  You can always archive them somewhere outside the


On Fri, 23 Feb 2001 10:23:52 -0000, Smets Thomas
<address@hidden> wrote:

>The reason that I care is very simple...
>Some idiots (myself, namely) did work too fast & created directories
>wrongly named. 
>So basically in a Java devlopment world case are important to find the
>correct places. I've created a "Debug" directory while it should have
>been "debug". I corrected the error but I wish to have the users being
>protected agains t commit into the incorrect directory. A good way to do
>that is to have the Debug Directory being removed from the Repository. 
>Thomas SMETS - Application Engineer
>Sydney-Tristar Devlopment Cpy for Telenet 
>e-mail : address@hidden
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>Subject: Re: Removing directories...
>Smets Thomas writes:
>> Question may sound trivial but ...
>> If I remove a directory from my local working copy after requesting
>> files to be removed.
>> Now will the TargetDir also be removed from the server ?
>> Said otherwise, will the TargetDir be moved into some Attic ?
>No, only files are placed in the Attic, not directories.  Why do you
>-Larry Jones
>Isn't it sad how some people's grip on their lives is so precarious
>that they'll embrace any preposterous delusion rather than face an
>occasional bleak truth? -- Calvin

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