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Setting UP CVS

From: pbruce
Subject: Setting UP CVS
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 21:12:23 -0000
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   I've installed CVS on Solaris 2.8 for Intel. I need to 
   understand a few things that I don't fee the manual or
   readme's cover very well at all. Maybe I'm over looking too.

   The CVS I've installed is cvs 1.10.7 version. I've installed
   using the pkgadd one. I didn't compile the code. 

   After installing the cvs I know I need to setup users accounts.
   But Nothing is mentioned about the administors account.

   Do I need to setup the following:

   1. cvsadmin    as a user or group?
   2. I've setup up /usr/local/cvsroot filesystem. Who should
      own this filesystem. I've temporarily set it to dev as the
      group. But root owns the filesystem.

   3. I still don't understand the modules. Is this something
      the developers would need such as libraries, a compiler
      or what ?

   As I stated the documetation talks about the installation but
   nothing about setting up the users accounts or how the filesystem
   should be configured or who should own them. It would be nice
   if someone can email a l"s -la" output of their directory structure
   so I can unders a  little more.

   I appreciate the help. 

   Also has anyone use the jcvs. If so comment on this.

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