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Bug in Karl Fogel's Book

From: Karl Heinz Marbaise
Subject: Bug in Karl Fogel's Book
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 10:12:11 +0100


i have read the Book of Karl Fogel "Open Source Development with CVS"
in deepth and figured out a bug. (IMHO)

I have tested it with CVS 1.11.

The Chapter "The modules File"

There has been an example about a modules files using ampersamd modules:

  mp      myproj
  asub    myproj/a-subdir
  twoproj -a myproj yourproj
  tp      &twoproj

It is said, that "Doing a checkout of tp would have exacly the same
result as the checkout of twoproj did." 

This is not correct, cause if you do a "cvs co twoproj" there will be
created two directories in the current working directory (let us assume
home directory) (myproj and yourproj) instead of creating a
subdirectory tp and creating two subdirectories under tp (myproj and
yourproj) using the "cvs co tp" !

On the other hand it is not possible to remove the directories using
"cvs release -d twoproj", cause the directories which have been created
are named "myproj" and "yourproj". You have to do a "cvs release -d
myproj" and "cvs release -d yourpoj" instead of a simple "cvs release
-d tp".

If you try the "cvs release -d twoproj" CVS replies "cvs release: no
such directory: twoproj" which is IMHO a bug, or my understanding of
the alias mechanism is not correct.

BTW: The Cederquvist say's that using of and ampersamp will create
always subdirectories (C.1.3 Ampersand modules).

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