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Removing directories...

From: Smets Thomas
Subject: Removing directories...
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 11:45:13 +0100

Question may sound trivial but ...
If I remove a directory from my local working copy after requesting all
files to be removed.
        cd Dir1/TargetDir
        rm File1 File2 File3
        cvs delete File1 File2 File3
        cd ..
        cvs commit -m "Remove the files : File1 File2 File3"
        cvs update -P

Now will the TargetDir also be removed from the server ?
Said otherwise, will the TargetDir be moved into some Attic ?




Thomas SMETS - Application Engineer
Sydney-Tristar Devlopment Cpy for Telenet 
e-mail : address@hidden


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