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New cvspwd program for setting passwords for repository access...

From: Peter Ajamian
Subject: New cvspwd program for setting passwords for repository access...
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 20:24:31 -0800

I just finished the cvspwd program I've been working on for a couple
weeks now (I announced it a couple weeks ago on this mailing list). 
Following is a list of features:

 * An interface similar to the well known Unix Passwd utility.

 * Program is designed to run suid root or repository owner to allow
users to change thier own passwords even though they don't have direct
access to the passwd file.  Great pains have been taken to ensure
maximum possible security and an absolute minimum possible amount of
time spent running as root or repository owner.

 * Users with shell access can change thier own passwords.

 * Repository owners can add or remove users easily.

 * Repository owners can lock or unlock users without removing thier
entry in the passwd file or mangling thier password (when a user is
unlocked the password does not have to be reset in order to work).

 * Repository owners can set users to read only mode and vice versa.

 * Repository owners can remap any user to a new system username easily.

 * Repository owners can change anyone's password.

 * Passwords are generated with a fully random two character salt.

There are probably other features that escape my mind at the moment, but
those are the main ones.

Note that this software is brand new and is thus in the alpha release
stage.  It probably has bugs in it.  if you find any bugs in this
software please don't hesitate to email me at address@hidden

You can download cvspwd from my website at
and clicking on the link that says "DOWNLOAD CVSPWD HERE!".  Please
always go through this page rather than linking directly to the file so
that you can be sure to get the latest update.

Regards, Peter

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