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Re: What's in repository

From: Francis Irving
Subject: Re: What's in repository
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 18:14:45 +0000

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001 17:09:13 -0000, address@hidden wrote:

>I've browsed both the Cederqvist and the the Fogel book, and I didn't 
>see anything related to this, although I don't really know what "it" 
>would be called, so I may have looked in the wrong place.
>Is there a way to:
>1.  "Browse" the repository, i.e. the equivalent of doing a "ls" of a 
>source directory?  Sometimes we don't remember the exact spelling, 
>etc. of a file, and we don't really want to have to checkout the 
>entire module just to get it.

You can only do this by
- Browsing the filesystem the repository is on (by logging into the
machine it is on)
- Running cvsweb or viewcvs on a web server on the machine the
repository is on.  This lets anyone easily browse the history, perform
diffs, download old versions of files and so on.  It is quite a rich
(if read-only) interface to viewing the repository.

>2.  Checkout a wildcarded set of files?  I know the shell normally 
>handles this, but this is another instance where we want to get out 
>five or six files that all start with the same string, etc., and we 
>currently have to get each of the individually, which is time-

No can do, as far as I know.

Normally people using CVS check out the entiremodule.  You only have
to do this once, and I can't really see a good reason for not wanting
to.  If the module is too large, you can break it up into multiple
modules, or use module aliases.


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