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Re: About cvswebclient

From: David Trudgett
Subject: Re: About cvswebclient
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 16:50:12 +1100

At 2001-02-20 09:53 +0800, Zhang, Wei Chao wrote:

Hi all,
Sorry for disturbing you. I just try to install the CVSWEBCLIENT on my server but there seems some problem.

1)  " #!/usr/bin/perl" can not work but  "#!/usr/bin/perl -w" works ok.

The first example has a space as the first character of the line. Remove the space.

2) When I type "http://localhost/cvs-web/read/cvswebread.cgi"; in the broswer, I get the browser "Wailting for reply....". While "http://localhost/cvs-web/read/cvswebread.cgi/"; works fine. The difference is only "/" .

Can't help you with that one.

David Trudgett

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