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One working copy part of two repositories?

From: Stefan Bellon
Subject: One working copy part of two repositories?
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 17:50:10 +0100
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At first my questions seems to be strange and sounds like nonsense.
That's why I will elaborate on the task I want it to do:

Imagine you're porting a big program from one platform to another. The
main tree of the program is already held in CVS. So I check out a
working copy from this main repository.

During the porting I want to have full control over my changes in a
local repository so that I can step backwards if something breaks, etc.
So I import it into my local repository.

But now I have a problem w.r.t. the CVS directories in the working copy.

Is there any way of synchronising such a development? Please don't
suggest to use the main repository as this is no option. I'll have to
use a local one, but later on I want to check in the changes into the
main repository -- when they're stable.

Thanks in advance for any help and hints.



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