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RE: FW: Website development

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: RE: FW: Website development
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 16:03:49 -0500

It sounds like you're using some sort of content management software.  I'm not
100% decided on this issue, but I'm currently leaning towards the idea that
content shouldn't be versioned the same way normal files are since they tend not
to be files.

I guess the ultimate problem is that a set of tools save information to a
database, not a file system (VAJ before 3.5 worked like this).  Since most
versioning systems version file system objects, there's no way for them to
version the stuff in the database.

I see no easy solution to this.  Either version control systems will start to
have to be tied to underlying databases (and most hooks into the tools don't
support concurrent development 'cos most of these tools support SCCI,
Microsoft's broken interface), or tools will have to provide usable ways to
export their data to the file system, or these kinds of software tools will have
to start providing their own version control (blech!).


address@hidden on 2001.02.16 13:36:19
It's for an external site and is also using BroadVision, a dynamic content
package which restricts the developers from having a separate server for
testing.  That and the issues I mention below.

Oh, the other option is Harvest from Computer Associates.  Developers would
rather go without a CM system than use it for day to day stuff.  I make my
boss put the things that I do into Harvest. :-)

Here's my plan now -- everyone is the same user.  No muss, no fuss, no

Actually a while back, the -d option that was mentioned worked great from
the command line, but with many insisting on a GUI, I guess it's WinCVS.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: David H. Thornley [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Friday, February 16, 2001 10:29 AM
> To: 'address@hidden'
> Subject: Re: FW: Website development
> "Atkinson, Chip" wrote:
> > Thanks for the information.  One thing that I've
> encountered is the need to
> > take very tiny steps with web development some times.  Part
> of this is
> > because browsers aren't like compilers.  Things like
> > <tr><td>blah blah blah</td><tr>
> > get rendered differently than
> > <tr>
> >   <td>
> >     blah blah blah
> >   </td>
> > </tr>
> > Icky stuff like that means that if you wrote the entire
> page at once you may
> > end up having to re-do the entire thing after you see how
> it's rendered by
> > the browser.
> >
> This is getting off-topic, but how much control do you have over
> the people who are going to access this?  If this is a purely
> internal web page, and you know everybody's going to use the
> same version of Netscape or Internet Explorer with pretty much
> the same settings, then it makes sense to consider the exact
> difference between the renderings of the above.  Even then,
> odd stuff like that may change for the worse any time your
> company upgrades equipment or browser versions.
> If this is for external use, then people are going to use mostly
> Netscape and IE, but of all different versions and option
> settings.  Some people will be using a different browser, such
> as Opera, iCab, WebTV, Lynx, old AOL, whatever, and you may wish to
> consider them.
> So, for external use, you can't possibly know how the reader's
> browser is going to render the HTML.  It depends on browser,
> version, settings, window size, and possibly other thing.  About
> the best you can do is write mostly standard HTML and look at it
> in a few setups and see that it looks reasonable in each.
> > I guess to summarize, I'd like to avoid having to force people to
> > drastically change the way that things are done in order to use CVS.
> >
> Understandable.  It does sound as though CVS is a bad fit for
> what you're doing right now and how you're doing it.  Whether
> this means using something else or changing the process is a
> judgment call.
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