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directory structure question

From: yuchan_kim
Subject: directory structure question
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 18:54:57 -0000
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This is more of a organization question, rather CVS itself.  On Unix 
environment, when you check out CVS project directory structure, all 
the files in the directories can be linked to a larger working 
directory where you can do your build and code.  But when you are 
ready to check in the code, all the files in the checked out 
directories are updated, so you can check this in.  I've noticed, its 
much more difficult for windows environment.  Linking files creates 
an unforeseen extension.  Is there a method, where you can keep your 
directory structure, but have the convinience of not having to 
manually copy all files into the checked out directories before 
checking them in.  

I'd really appreciate any feedback :)

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