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Re: Issues with raising the 'floor' in CVS

From: Rex_Jolliff
Subject: Re: Issues with raising the 'floor' in CVS
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 09:04:21 -0800

>This means that the data wasn't checked out of CVS in the first place.
>Import&checkout or add the files before attempting a checkin.

This points out an weakness (or at least a perceived one) in CVS in my
opinion.  There isn't an easy way to add a new 'module' to the repository.
Either you use import, which doesnt necessarily make sence if you're a
developer of original code and there is no vendor, or you use the trick
of checking out the root non-recursively and adding every file in the new

I would propose the following: add an option to add (or commit) called --new
or something like that that allows someone to add a top level directory and
recurse into it adding subdirs.  This option should check to insure that none
of the files in the requested add operation exist in the repository and fail
if they do.  also this command should probably prevent people from adding
files to the root of the repository, or to the CVSROOT dir.  an example:

$ ls
hexdump/  tmp/
$ cvs -d /data/cvs/repo add --new hexdump
Created directory hexdump
Added file hexdump.c
Added file Makefile
Created directory hexdump/debug

Comments are inevitable i'm sure. ;)


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