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CVS "Help me please" Question

From: Laura Gordon
Subject: CVS "Help me please" Question
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 15:43:04 -0600

Hello !

Thank you ! I am using CVS as a storage/diff tool rather than a development
tool at the direction of my customer. I perform CM on a 2 million lines of
code project which is maintained by a separate company. The entire project
falls under one directory, I will call the directory PROJECT for this
discussion. I currently have PROJECT version 1.0 in a working directory of
CVS. I have received PROJECT version 2.0 from the developers. I want to
treat the entire PROJECT as one entity. This is what I wish I could do:

Replace PROJECT 1.0 with PROJECT 2.0 in the CVS working directory
Obtain a diff report comparing PROJECT 1.0 to PROJECT 2.0 (including added
and deleted files and subdirectories)
Commit the entire PROJECT to CVS as one unit (including added and deleted
files and subdirectories)

Can I do this? How?


Laura Gordon, CM
(256)876-9225 ext. 355

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