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CVS edit templates for new directories

From: Bob Bowen
Subject: CVS edit templates for new directories
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 17:33:20 -0600

Hello everyone,

We use the CVSROOT/rcsinfo file in our repository to define a template
file used in the edit session during checkin. The template file
"prompts" for some data (e.g. bug #) which we then use in a loginfo
callout to update our defect tracking system (Bugzilla). In general,
this works well when dealing with existing directories as CVS stores a
Template file in the CVS directory of each directory checked out into a

However, CVS doesn't appear to handle the case where a new directory and
new files are added to the repository (we are using :pserver:. I believe
things work in the direct access situation because the cvs program
directly uses the contents of the CVSROOT directory). A CVS directory is
created in the new directory with the usual Entries, Repository and Root
files, but a Template file is not created, even after the files are
checked in. 

Can anyone enlighten me as to why CVS behaves this way? Is this
deliberate or just an oversight due to us using a relatively obscure
feature. This is a problem for imports as well. 

Thanks for any insights you care to offer,


P.S. As long as I'm raising the issue, I may as well ask about why the
Template file isn't updated in the workareas if it's updated in the
CVSROOT. Seems like essentially the same logic as required to update the
real workarea files.

Bob Bowen   address@hidden   Process Engineering  

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