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转发: a question

From: Liying Shen
Subject: 转发: a question
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 09:20:34 +0800

     I am cvs user. i am using WinCvs vertion 1.0.6.
     I  met some problems now , i hope you would help me.
           1.    I added a file by cvs and the file's status is file,but after commiting it the file's status  became binary.

                  How to solve this.
           2.    I want to add a file as text mode but when i chose "add files" , sometimes the file's status in CVS become binary.

                  How  to force a file as text mode to add to the CVS.
     Thank you very much.

                                                                a cvs user.



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