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can I use rtag to tag files in a branch

From: trevorzhallstein
Subject: can I use rtag to tag files in a branch
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 20:07:00 -0000
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Suppose I have a mainline and a branch.  I want to tag the branch and 
the mainline without having a working copy of the one I'm interested 
in tagging.  The rtag command works for tagging the mainline as it 
acts on the repository; however, if I want to tag the branch, is 
there an option I can pass to rtag?

The point of this is to be able to tag the branch from the mainline 
after doing a merge, and vice versa.  This would be in order to 
support multiple merges with cvs update -j last-merge-point -j branch-
name or -j HEAD.

Since after I merge from the branch to the trunk, I want to tag the 
branch with the last-merge-point, cvs rtag doesn't capture the info I 
need.  I have to enter cvs update -r branch-name, execute cvs tag, 
and then execute cvs update -A to return to the mainline.

I'm trying to put these operations in scripts (using msg 9710's 
recipe - credit to peter wolfe/maeve kennedy ), and so want to 
simplify the process if possible.


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