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Re: version control with shared workplace

From: Noel L Yap
Subject: Re: version control with shared workplace
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 12:43:09 -0500

We, too, are in this situation (although we're not using CVS).  It is best
practice to modify code within your own workspace, then copy that into the doc
root (possibly via a make install rule).  In order not to accidentally stomp on
each others files, we try to install files as group read-only.  We also set
directories to be group read/write so that we are able to move/remove others'
files if necessary.

We're planning to move to separate working environments so this issue should go
away (but it'll no doubt introduce other problems).


address@hidden on 2001.02.08 09:57:14

To:   address@hidden
cc:   (bcc: Noel L Yap)
Subject:  version control with shared workplace

oops, sorry, i forgot to add a subject in my previous post... :-/


this is a bit offtopic, but I don't know where else to ask, i've
searched the net to no avail...

I cannot believe that i'm the only person with this problem, but so far I
have not found a suitable solution.

I would like to set up a version control system for a website with lot of
server side scripting.  Because of the server side scripts it is
inevitable that the developers use a shared working place, namely the
document root of the webserver (otherwise they cannot check the effects
of their changes immediately).

If my understanding is good, it is not possible to do this with CVS.  Does
anybody know of such a system which can do this?  Or how do others cope
with situations like this?


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