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Force CVS to using root to commit files (one way or another)

From: Matthew J Fletcher
Subject: Force CVS to using root to commit files (one way or another)
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 11:11:19 +0000


I am trying to setup a cvs system for development but have come across a 
number of problems, which i would hope some of you have seen before.

- Due to the requirements of our work we need to be operating as root, (this 
is set in stone, honist), however it is very anoying to logout or su to 
another user to commit files, how can i force cvs to accept root commits ?

- If it is not possible to force cvs to accept root commits, i would like to 
have a quick script to load my cvs gui from another user, but i have failed 
to get this to work, i know its not strictly a cvs issue, but its either ask 
here or we have to go back to Microsoft SourceSafe and co, (i thought a bit 
of emmotional blackmail might help)


su matt
tkcvs -dir /usr/src/cvssources &

but it dont work,.. any ideas ?

Matthew J Fletcher
NPD Firmware
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