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Wincvs Checkout only checks out folders!

From: jgwilliams01720
Subject: Wincvs Checkout only checks out folders!
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 00:11:19 -0000
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Summary:  I created a repository from a collection of files that 
already contained CVS info.  Thereafter, when I tried to check out my 
source code, I only got lots of empty folders.

Here's the details:

1. I downloaded some source code, it happened to contain some cvs 

2. I made it into an official repository, using the 
"Create>Create a new repository" command.

3. Using the "admin>Preferences>General command, I set my  CVSROOT to 
:local:C:\CCNIAP\CCToolboxRoot.  This folder contains three 
subfolders:  CVSROOT, cctv6source, and Devtest.

4.  I checked out CVSROOT, edited and returned my .#modules file; it 
now lists cctv6source as a module (as confirmed by the "Admin>Macros 
Admin>List the modules on the server" command).

5.  I checked out cctv6source, using the "Create>Checkout module" 
command, with the following general settings:
        module: cctv6source
        local folder: C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\cct-tmp\Tmp010206

This created lots of subfolders inside Tmp010206, but - in great 
contrast to the repository -- the only non-folder files in the 
Tmp010206 hierarchy were those in the CVS folders, e.g., 

Anybody know why I can only check out folders?

Thanks, Jim


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