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windows 2000, unable to move working directory: access is denied

From: Ryan Grow
Subject: windows 2000, unable to move working directory: access is denied
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 16:34:39 -0700


I am reluctant to post since my first question turned out to be one of the
most frequently asked that was already in the docs - but here goes....

I am using a pserver CVS repository on a linux box. I am accessing it from a
windows 2000 client with a FAT file system.
I am using wincvs from the windows command line and I am not running the
wincvs GUI.

I do a cvs import from a new working project that I want to add to the
repository. After adding this project, 
I try to cd up one level and move the working directory to a temporary copy,
so that I may check out a copy of the 
project from scratch. When I attempt to do the move, with something like:
move myprojdir myprojdir1
I get a message that says in effect:

access denied. ( I forgot to write down the exact message before I rebooted
my machine. )

If I attempt to move the file in windows explorer, I get different messages
such as:

this file is in use by another process. 

Rebooting my machine seems to eliminate that lock and then I am able to do
the move succesfully.

This has happened to me each time I have tried to import a new project
directory from my windows 2000 client.

Is this a common problem?



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